August 12, 2009

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

yeaho~ again, very long no update my blog already.... my blog is dying~~ no~~ ok, whatever. hahah. Well, watched G.I Joe just now and give a super short review again. hehe.

G.I Joe is great~ i enjoy the full 2 hours of movie. Yes, because this movie is pack with lots of action, and i mean a LOT~!! There is non stop action from the beginning till the end of the movie. Shooting, booming, high tech weapons, stunning CG effect, If you love action movie, you definitely going to LOVE this. Well, i can say its more action effects than the transformer.

And the storyline was good. Engaging storyline, every character have their roles to play and story to tell, and this is rare to see from an action movie. Since its a high tech, futuristic, sci fi movie, its rely too much on CG, but what can i expect if there is no CG effect in this movie? So, overall its still acceptable.

But it doesn't have much "wow" scene in the movie, because mostly its on the movie trailer already. So you can know most of the story, action scene just watching the trailer.

A little spoiler here, the movie name is "RISE of the cobra" so its gonna have a next G.I Joe movie. This movie is just the beginning.... haha. same old quote.

So overall, i will give this movie a 4.5~ outta 5. Go watch this movie~~

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