September 10, 2009

J Card Fiesta!

Ok, i was wrong, is not actually a J card member day, but a "J card fiesta". So i been to Jusco today again.

Before going in Jusco, there is already a sale going on at the center court.


"dont push me, i want to get one~!!"

"Happy hours"

Is not that much people today, because i think is not a JCard member day, member dont get mail notification on today sale. So probably thats is the reason.... because not much people know~

Kid's world become food court already = =

Ok, to tell the truth, that wasn't much interesting thing or discount this time, i mean compare to Jcard member day. So i only buy few shirt and pants, thats all.

But 1 things i am sure that...... this is cheap.

Carlsberg. Because this person is buying FEW HUNDRED carton~!!


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