December 23, 2009


Yeah~ finally watched Avatar~ in 3D~ its been N years since my last 3D movie. hah.

Here come my SSR(Super Short Review)~

AMAZING~ GORGEOUS~ STUNNING~ WOW(is a description also)~ is the words i use to describe this movie. I really enjoy the whole movie from start to end.

The world(Pandora) in the movie, environment, surrounding and every single little things they create is so real and brand new. The visual effect is so real that i even forget It is a CG effect during the movie.

The movie really can drag you in. Its even more real watching in 3D. Feel the nature~

About the story... well, i am not about the story plot. Now i am comparing with 2012, both is great movie in term of the visual effect, but Avatar is more focus in story. And thats what i like. Oh well, but the story plot is easily predictable after middle part till the end. Not much twist.

Battle scene is great. I LOVE the battle scene especially the "boss" fight. Soundtrack is another element that must not forget, and its done very well along with the movie.

So overall i will give Avatar a full mark. 5 out of 5~ Another must watch movie this year~


Bruce828 said...

Yaya~ Totally agree with you^^

Really really nice movie :)

Joshua said...

Nice kan? Hehhe


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