July 7, 2009

Tenji Summer Summer 123 Promotion

Yo~ Tenji Summer Summer 123 Lunch and Supper Promotion~ oh well, Tenji is having another promotion this month. Promotion is from 3 July till 31 July.

Hah, i wonder why the promotion name need to 2 "summer", but i do know why is 1 2 3~ because~~ tada~

Because they have 3 offer together~

First~ if u do have VIP card (sob i dont have) then you can get a ONE premium steamboat~~ yes, one only.

Second~ is the normal price discount~ RM 39.90++ for weekdays supper and weekdays lunch~ you dont need VIP card to get this price~ everyday happy =]

Third~ is house wine and beer drink until you drunk~ haha, unlimited beer and wine for Monday to Wednesday. 6pm to 9.30pm. Hmm, then lunch n supper also dont have free wine and beer lo... cis~

Anyway, maybe i will go for this promotion AGAIN~ wuahahah~ because me and my mom also like to eat =] yeah~ looking forward to tenji~ hey tenji, i help u promote ler, gimme VIP card~ hahahah (idiot)

1 comment:

Jean said...

always promotion one..
finish one promotion den continue have next promotion~Lol
I tried twice, will not go again~
because start feeling bored about japanese buffet d..I rather pay for what I order in normal japanese restaurant..


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