July 25, 2009

The World Ends With You

Ah~~ another day~~ working very sien ler~ haha and tired too. Oh well, will be going out on next day off, yeah~ Tenji, here i come AGAIN~ wuahaha~ let me fat till die ba, wont care anymore.

Let me introduce this game, been playing this after i back from work. Its call "The World Ends With You" or "Its a Wonderful World" from Nintendo DS. Its nice~ Its great~ Its Fantastic~!! *ps, i dont own a NDS, i play it on computer.

I know i know, this game released on 2007 and its kinda late to introduce now, but its so nice that i have to at least give a review~!! The world ends with you is develop by Square Enix(FF & KH series), so hey, it probably wont bad right?

Let me just get a short review on this game, this is a RPG game with excellent music, compelling storyline and innovative gameplay. And thus make this a Must-Have to all rpg fans NDS owner.

Well, i cant talk much on the storyline because i haven't finish the game yet. But the battle system is very innovative, moving character, skill and attack is only using the stylus or mouse if you using pc. Very easy to control and suit.

Nevertheless, love the soundtrack on the world ends with you. Its different from any other square enix games soundtrack, this one is an eclectic mix of J-Pop, hip-hop, and rock songs 1 ler.
And what you expect on and RPG game, this game has it all, tons of skill, upgrade, lvling, item, quest, equipments.

So overall, i give this game a 5 outta 5~! Best game i play on NDS. Must own game~!!

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