February 17, 2010

CNY Day 2 (Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant)

Happy Chinese New Year~ A year of Tiger~ woho~ huat ar~! First day of CNY~ sleep and rest at home.... haha, lame. Because really tired ler, i cant even wait till 12am the day before due to general cleaning in shop. So, i didnt follow my parent on the 1st day of CNY to visit my relative. But then still sleep not so well... haiz, not a good start this year. sob~

Second day of CNY~ another small cleaning at home(can clean up coz not 1st day already~). because day 3 will have a lot of friends coming to visit my home ma, must clean a bit. And sister coming back without kids to have dinner with us.

And here goes the food review on.... Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant at IOI Mall~

Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant

Ok, see picture 1st.

Crispy Creamy Prawn - BIG prawn, crispy and tasty~

Salted Fish and Pork Claypot

Seafood Taofu Claypot

Scallop Stir Fry Vege - sweet~

Siew Yok~ very crispy, but very small too

Fry Chicken - skin very crispy also

The food is great, really not bad. Vegetable is sweet, meat is juicy, fried food is crispy. The food portion is a little small but still, 5/5 over the food~

And the staff responsiveness and efficiency is good too, food is ready to serve after 5~10 minutes we order during peak hours, good.

About the pricing, overall is still acceptable and affordable. I am not sure about normal pricing because the menu we get is mainly for CNY special. RM170+- 6 food for 5 person.

ONE thing i need to complaint is the friendliness of the staff in this Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant. The story goes like this... after we get our bill and its turned out RM300++ in total and we straight away know its wrong, so wrong. So we call the supervisor and ask what happen, and he give us this face.......

ROAR~!!! is like "hmph, not my mistake also" or "mistake...? real or not o, maybe u guy not enough money to pay only". And the supervisor just stand there for a minute, waiting US EXPLAIN what happen on the bill and what food we ordered TO HIM, and he just stand there with his "friendly" face.

After that only call a captain and check for us... after all these thing, they don't even apologize~~! not even 1 SORRY or THANK YOU loooo. ROARRRR.. whole happy mood spoiled. Going back Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant?? let me think... TWICE 1st.


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