February 10, 2010

Gathering Before CNY

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR~!!! lol, this post meant to b post b4 CNY 1. lol, too busy.

AHA~ i m still alive, but before was half dead. Everyday work non stop, work la, housework la, gimme a break~! But cannot leh, because CNY coming very soon that time and need to finish up general cleaning.

And~ tada, here comes the break. lol, a small gathering with gang before CNY.

Tastypot Steamboat~ Tomyam & Herbal Soup

Seafood~ Prawns

Seafood again. haha

Gang pic. hao, meng, jen, wai, lee, me

a little bit review on tastypot steamboat, food freshness quite good, food variety also many, and lot of soup base for steamboat. overall quite good~ and nice gathering guys. haha

*Pic grab from jensen. hah

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