January 12, 2010

Airnergy - WiFi Hotspot Power Harvester

There are a lot of new things coming in CES... this year, 3D tv, 3D camcorder, nexus one... well, its new but not as amazing as this one on CES 2010 - Airnergy.

A WiFi hotspot CHARGER~!! charging your using nothing but the WiFi signal as power source~!! charge everywhere~ FOC~

So this little box inside there is a battery pack, it will charge whenever there is a WiFi signal, converting the signal into electricity. Of cause the charging rate is directly affect by the number and source on the WiFi. On CES floor, they can fully charge a blackberry phone with 30% battery in 90 minute using this Airnergy. Impressive.

What make this AMAZING is that it will available this summer~ with $40 only~!! Dont believe? see this~

Source - By Evan Ackerman

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