January 30, 2010

Final Fantasy XIII OST

YEAHOOO~!! Its here~!

Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack~

hehe, not even play the game yet but already listen to the soundtrack... but will buy a ps3 n play this soon~!!

But this time Nobuo Uematsu is not involve in this album but he is assigned as composer for FFXIV, so Masashi Hamauzu is the composer this time on FF13 and the first soundtrack in FF series that is without Uematsu.

And the soundtrack still ROCKS~!! and awesome~!! but can definitely feel the different.

Download OST here torrent or zshare

*sry guys, i only manage to upload to zshare due to connection and upload size limit

1 comment:

Potato said...

hi, could you pls send me the "my hands - leona lewis" song to ckwai85@msn.com



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