January 19, 2010

Tekken Trailer

hmm... another game-movie coming, is Tekken. hmm... i am not impress and i dont feel any excitement on this coming movie.

Here goes the trailer.

Boring~~~ i said it. And of course i cant judge a book by its cover, but i can "predict" one you know, by looking at the movie trailer. .... do this trailer even have the point AS a trailer? I am not impress at all.

Argh, i just feel sad and wonder why they like to make an FIGHTING game into a movie. huh~ tell me why~~ How good can it be?? Street Fighter - FAIL... Dead or Alive - FAIL.... Dragon Ball - FAIL.... Doom - FAIL... And i bet this 1 too.

Character is just plain... nothing special, i though i can see some special character in Tekken game series like PANDA~ KANGAROO~ come on, at least King(tiger masked man)... but sadly NO. Even the main character Jin is played by a skinny American boy like dragon ball... SWT '''

Just to remind you, when the movie release on around april, think twice when you want to watch this movie, because i rather watch WWF.

*but i kinda look forward to the movie Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. I hope is as good as the game.

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