February 2, 2009

1 Day Visit Trip

Today is 8th day of Chinese New Year already... and this year i don't have the CNY feel. 1st of all, my parents working even on 26 Jan, 1st day of CNY. Actually now "working" but is observing renovation on the coffee shop. So my parents is not at home everyday from early morning till evening. Is like.... whole day no people at home, so where got the CNY feel ler~~ 2nd, We didnt visit any relatives(yet?), due to my parents is at work, no gambling and angpow from relatives, so where got CNY feel ler~~

Lucky i got a gang of buddy that get me out of the land of boredom. We decided to have a 1 day 10 houses visit trip~ hah. 28th Jan, we started the trip on 9am, average every house stay half an hours to 1 hours to chat, eat, gambling and angpow. From Shah Alam, Sunway, Puchong, Sri Kembangan, Kepong to Jalan Ipoh. Is 1am i back to home, total of 15 hours... = =' so tired, but happy.

Too bad we didnt take photo on every houses visited, because dinner time we only remember we have a camera... haha. *Photo grabbed from Kah Wai.

We come on the right time...

We are sooo lame~~ finish only take photo~ haha.

Yee Sang

"ying yung" pork ribs

Mango Chicken

Donno what Fried Fish

Portion is big and we actually can eat a lot...

Family photo~ finally

I am sure next year will be much more fun than this year. Haha. Happy Chinese New Year everyone~ still got 1 week~~


Harmony said...

Not a bad record to break for next yr.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

cool.....the food looks delish. thanks for nang-ing me. cheers buddy


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