February 8, 2009

Jogoya Japanese Buffet

Yeah yeah, been to Jogoya again yesterday, but this time with secondary school buddy. Ok... since my secondary buddy not yet try Jogoya before and "gam gam" 1 of my buddy come back from China so we decided to go and have high tea there (u know, cheaper). Haha.

2 hours is so short, and we all busy eating.... and since i don't have a camera, i didn't take much photos and these are taken by my LOUSY 1.3 megapixel handphone ==' so outdated.

Geez.... foods photo lost its color and doesn't look nice anymore after taking by my old handphone. hmm, maybe is time to buy a camera....

Well, as always, i eat a lot of sashimi.. haha. I totally forget to take down my first full plate of salmon sashimi..

Argh, i am soo outdated~~ is so long since my last visit... now i only know Jogoya serve wine and cocktails.

"Wonderful" cocktails.

Low grade white wine = =

Prawn and jellyfish

Oven baked cheese scallop

Ok... not much photo that is. Although is my 4th times visit, before i was worry about the quality of Jogoya is getting worst, due to some of reviews and i heard that is food poisoning happen in Jogoya recently.

forget what fish, we only put 1 "table clip" but it come 3 fish together = ='

Well, But it actually is ok, the food is still clean and fresh, taste didn't change much. I believe they hired more staff to serve and clean plate. So service is better, toilet is clean and functional(last time ALWAYS stuck 1). One thing though, the varieties of food seem to getting less....


Surprisingly this time i didn't eat till "lao sai"... maybe i drink less this time. Last time always feel like give money to eat and torture ownself 1.. = =

After Jogoya i visit my friend house to take angpow~ hah, and stay 1 night. So we start gambling and drink white wine again (coz that jogoya wine not nice 1). Because we didn't use that "look like super expensive wine glass which hang on the wine glass rack and inside an antique collection cupboard"....

So we use this stainless steel mug = ='... btw, happy Chap Goh Meh~

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I can say Jogoya food has no problem.
There's no unclean food there.

The food poisoning cause by unclean food will never happen inside Jogoya.


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