February 26, 2009


I just found out this today, from Seven $ign.

So basically, NeoBux is a web that let you earn money by just reading advertisements~ Really. And this is not scam, i search through internet and only found people posting their payment history. I just joined today so i think i should share it out.

Well, each ads viewed earn you $1 cent, ...... ok, i know is very little, but but but, you can view the advertisement again after 24 hours. And after become gold member, you get more ads to view. And gold membership is not to get too, just meet the requirements and you will become gold member~

Important thing is... you can earn for every ads your referrals click too~ and MOST important is, you can even RENT referrals~! use the money you earn from viewing ads to RENT with super lowwww cost~ for 1 month.

Maybe you say.. "che... so little, earn until when only can get money o....?" Aha, no worry~ At NeoBux, you can cash out as little as $2.00~!! And no more waiting for 1 month, 3 month or more~ you can receive your payment at instant~~!

So because you will get your payment so quickly, you need to have paypal account or alertpay account. And they only able to transfer your payment to these 2 account. So you can buy things online such as ebay, or cash out REAL cash via paypal and alertpay.

Please click the link below to join~


ahah, and referrer name is "metalpanda"... pretty pls~? haha. Oh, do visit Seven $ign to check out his payment on NeoBux.

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