February 18, 2009

Lime Odyssey

Or Lime Odyssey Online

Now i only know that Ragnarok Online 2 is not develop by the original RO Dev Team~! is totally different group of people work on the Ragnarok Online 2, no wonder so much different la, the system and music. So where is that group of RO Dev Team? They join Sirius Entertainment, and develop Lime Odyssey~

Lime Odyssey - the real RO sequel? haha, ok, this game doesn't really look like RO1. Well, you can't expect the same thing you play on RO 1 from this game, because this the the totally different game. But still, i am hoping there is some similarity with RO. Btw, i dont like the current RO2.

This game start with 3 races, Human, Turga, Pam. Turga is half beast and Pam is... not yet reveal, but look like rabbit or mouse type of "moogle" from FF series.

7 fight jobs(Fighter, Magician, Cleric, Thief, Hunter, Doll Master, dan Musician) and 7 life jobs(Merchant, Blacksmith, Cook, Sewinger, Carpenter, Tea Ceremony, dan Machinist). Fight jobs i think probably will have many turns after this game release. About the life jobs, i think is probably counted as crafting class, a special ability that the person can learn.

Well, nothing much info about Lime Odyssey yet, since the website is in korean language, i see also dont understand. But what i know is each class has tons of unique decorative items, allowing players to customize their characters freely. Here is some character picture that being released now.




And here is some Lime Odyssey screen shot

This game look not bad judging by these screen shot. This game is still under development, hope to see this game released this year~ gogo RO Dev Team~ btw, i wonder why the name "Lime Odyssey".... lime... huh...?

Picture and info from Lime Odyssey official website.


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