February 17, 2009

My Parent's Coffee Shop Temporary Closed Down By MPSJ

*ps: this is a long post

I am kinda get shock when i heard this from my mom when i was at home. She ask me to come to the shop and bring along their I/C photo. So me and my brother rushing to the shop and we saw this once we arrive...

Is my first time saw a shop closed down and i don't even know will have that yellow strip thingy hang around the whole shop my MPSJ. This look very serious. A lot of people like me, thought the reason to closed down probably is food poisoning ar, no shop license ar.... NO~~, this is not tv drama and this is Malaysia. ANYTHING can be the reason to closed or seal by MPSJ.

Once i arrive to the shop, MPSJ already gone and what i will be writing here now is heard from my mom. The reason that being closed down is kinda ridiculous.

First, they say we only have 1 toilet, can not, need to have 2 toilet...... WHATS??? Whats wrong that we only have 1 toilet?? Is that a shop law that a coffee shop must have 2 toilet?? There is a lot of mamak shop only have 1 toilet looooo, and what they gonna to do? renovate and build another toilet room out? = ='

But actually we have 2 toilet room, but one of it we use that as storage to put all the toilet tools and other repair tools there. And we have been using that room as storage since we started this coffee shop, its more than 10 years ago~!!! now only say cannot use??

Second reason is because our stalls staff wash plate on the side of the shop, which is not allow. ok, this 1 we have to admit we done wrong, because behind the shop(is allow) is not enough space to let every stalls to wash their plate. You tell us dont wash plate here, we can move right away to the back and wash. Ok, we are wrong, you can give "sanman" but no need closed shop ba~!!

And there are a lot of tiny reason such as, rubbish bin not enough, washing area have to put the soap bottle to wash plate.... and many useless recommend. I don't know where is the MPSJ eyes, our shop already have plenty of rubbish bin lo, only the back part have 5 rubbish bin, 1 in the cashier counter, 1 behind the water sink, 1 at the drinks making counter, 1 at the toilet, 1 behind the washing area. AND every stall have their own rubbish bin looooooo. WHERE ELSE can we put the rubbish bin??? on guest table??? no brain~!!

Normally the reason being closed down a coffee shop is the hygiene and cleanliness of the shop, but our shop is soooooo clean lo~ because our shop renovate during CNY. We wash off the paint, change the fan and lighting, wash all the stalls and paint back the wall. Until now still clean and wan to find 1 cockroach also hard ~

You see~ so clean~ What we so angry is not only we temporary get closed, the main reason is OTHER coffee shop didn't closed~!! There are 5 coffee shop around us in our area. 30 sec to 1 min walking distance only. MPSJ check from 1 shop to 1 shop, and ours is last shop. 5 shops, only closed 2~!!

Since my dad know the other 5 shop owners, my dad go and ask why they didn't close down... I am not envy or angry that other shop no close, is because they didn't close is due to they bribed the MPSJ~!!! Hey... all of us bribe, since they come here just want money only. But they don't want woooo, SOooOOo justice wo (is good that they dont accept bribe form us?). We try to bribe too you know, since we actually DIDN'T DONE ANYTHING SERIOUSLY THAT HAVE TO BE CLOSED DOWN THE SHOP. All the reason they give is just bullshxt~!!

The reason they don't accept the bribe, is because other shop didn't close and they have to close some shop at least.....!! omg.... other shop is faaaaaaaar more dirty than us and more problem lo~!! they didn't them but us??? this is so unfair ler. i dont know what to say anymore, like that also can??

Argh, we went to the DAP and complaint, but no reply yet. So we have to closed shop for at least 3 days and quickly follow what they order us to do, to clean, to attend class, and also with few thousand RM fees.

Once the day we closed down, my parent request to attend class. And they ask some people to come and give a lecture. Everyone at the shop have to attend this class and get a certificate in order to run the business. Every person RM200, geez, no wonder they keep smiling when they come and give lecture la, for an hour of bullshxt again.

Staff from 2 shop that closed

You know they teach what?? They teach salmonella, staphylococcus.... temperature of food danger zone... eh, i study food science and i don't even remember what is it all about now, and they want my parent to learn and remember that now??? o come on, teach some useful things at least, with simple, easy understand term. This is like when listening to driving lesson, few hours of nonsense.

So today my parent went to fix these problem again... haiz, we only can say we are bad luck.

"Ke Arah Tadbir Urus Yang Gemilang"

我呸呸呸 x10~!!!


kennhyn said...

I'm pity that this is still happening here, bribing is something that keep killing the society. I give respect to u and your family, have to patient, this officer are all wolf on lamb skin... sad

TOLANIC.com said...

Actually I kinda agree with MPSJ taking serious action about this matter. Recently, 1 of famous mamak at my area also closed down already and I know why. Back to the topic, I believe someone's complaining about your shop to MPSJ. That’s why they must take action. They cannot just keep quiet. And I don't think bribing issue is the main cause of your shop temporary closed down. From what I read your ranting, they have good reasons to shut down your shop. That is not bullshit. Stop pointing to other peoples. Discipline is a must especially if you running a restaurant. Even with small matter actually can ruin you business. Cheers.

metalpanda said...

haha, thx for the comment, i m here juz to show the unfairness of this matters.

+#ARME$T+ said...

Haizzz feel sad to the MPSJ (take job serious just to pass up some report to the upper head officer due to "anti rasuah kampen" and then they can keep bribing agian !!! so next time the upper head officer know this place was clean without bribing next time .......
bribing is something that keep killing the society (true)


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