June 16, 2009

Games & Gadgets 2009

Been to G&G event held on Midvalley last weekend, 12~14 Jun.

It is.... really disappointed ler... 1st of all, this event is small..... real small, it only take 5 min for you to finish walking around the whole event. Is only 1/5 or smaller of normal PC Fair. = =

2nd... the only company i saw is Sony PlayStation, is GAME and GADGET event man~~!! Other... well, local game publisher that i never heard before...

I was expecting psp-go will be on that event, but no. They only show the old psp-3000 and ps3 with few game test play such as street fighter 4 and other old released game...

aih, no new game trailer showing, no demo, no FF13 demo(i was fool enough to expect this on this event...) or game's company there, no nintendo, no microsoft... just... nothing much.

About the gadget part... just saw some laptop, phone and digital camera. No apple laptop, no ipod, only few mp3 and bag and GPRS selling there... Ok, at least i saw N97. That's it.

O ya, don't forget the half of the hall is pack with telco company, digi, celcom, maxis, u mobile, P1, streamyx...... oh come on la~~ we saw these everywhere in the shopping center or at street ler~ We didnt go Game & Gadget event to sign up streamyx lo.... = =

Gezz... ok la, maybe is last day of the event and they closed many stall, and maybe that's why the event look small and very silent.

Btw, i only saw 2 girl with chun-li cosplay over there...

haiz~ another disappointment.


leechon said...

very small ah??

is that n97 nice?

metalpanda said...

yalo, quite small ler... N97 ma... is nice, but the price.... is RM2500~!!! OMG~

Anonymous said...

hi dude,

thanks for reviewing the event but was abit sad about your harsh comment. but then again, i can't blame you since you do not understand the gaming industry fully. if you look around, there are only distributors for most of the video games title and console except for PS. our malaysian market limits the potential for foreign investment in these areas because of our piracy.


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