June 23, 2009

US Visitor

Thank you thank you~ Thank everyone from US that visit my blog~

Finally, the United State's visitor is overtake visitor from MY~~ erm... i should be happy... right? hah, anyways, HAPPY =]

International~~ wuahah~

*First of all, i want to thank google, yahoo search and youtube for bringing visitor to my blog. And i want to thank my family member(they dont even know i have a blog...... = =) and friends(??) that support me through these time(think too much). Half year of (hardworking) blogging is not waste~ Last but not least, the visitor and reader of my blog~ THANK YOU~ THANK YOU~ Muaks~ *self imagination XD

Mystery voice: Back to your imagination~! Go learn some proper English first~ You Sxck~!!

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