June 3, 2009

Sony Press Conference Live

Yeah~ its 2am now.... and i still not yet sleep~ coz i watching Sony Press Conference LIVE~ yeahho~ and i blogging at the same time too.

To start, they announced this psp-go

psp-go with "Media Go"

$249.99 wo for an psp-go

and then... GT for psp~

MGS: Peace Walker for psp~

And its 3am right now~~ ahh~ go sleep lo~ sob, ff13 not yet show here.... see replay tomorrow la~


Its morning now lo~ replay~~ and guess what i saw....? ITS FF14~!!!! FFXIV~!!! Final Fantasy Fourteen~~~ omg~~

ok... its FF XIV Online... sequel from ff11. btw, they show another short gameplay from FF13 too.

And this game, Assassin Creed 2

A prototype of a coming Motion Controller for PS3, finally

Writing, impressive


God Of War 3

And that's all, for the sony press conference. Well, quite impressive... saw what i want to see. haha. And i hope to see the Square Enix Press Conference~!! WOW~ Square enix~~

Watch the replay here

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