June 11, 2009

Real Street Fighter Wannabe

Wanna be a real street fighter?? Then you have to pass the bonus stage first~~!! see the video below.

EXTREME~!!! I am sorry but you dont get any bonus point.... lol

nothing to update recently ler... hah, simply post a short video from utube lo~ haha


Willicious said...

He is.... hmm.....
Fucking fat Ryu....

*Stare somewhere else

metalpanda said...

@willicious, ehem~ u r so rude, noble man like me never say the "f" word ok... excusez moi. Lalala~ u lost karma again~!!! wuhahahahahahah~~

Willicious said...


I'm very innocent and pure one.... haahahahaha
the one who type that is not meeeeeeeeeeeeeee

is my hand..


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