June 3, 2009

Nintendo Press Conference Live

I am back from Tenji japanese buffet...again. haha. First thing i do once i back... ofcoz is watching Nintendo Live Press Conference~~!

Its already almost 1am when i back to home, so i miss a lot of thing that announced from Nintendo~~ ahh~ never mind, watch it again few day later.

So... again, just some highlight here and there.

vitality sensor......?? sense wat ar?

RE: The Darkside Chronicles

Metroid: Other M

And also Super Mario Galaxy 2.... i forget to take a screen shot~ and thats all~ these is all i saw... ended too fast ler ba... 1.30 already end, and preparing for the Sony Press Conference.... YEAHHH~

But is very late now liao ler... maybe need to sleep soon, and i just have to wait till they encoding the video to the website... ahh, i want to watch it live~~

I watched the live here

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