January 25, 2009

FFXIII New Character Revealed

There is still 3 more days for Square Enix to release info about FF13 on this teaser site. But~ Famitsu.com released some magazine's scan photo on the site~ ehem, actually these photo been released for quite a long time, i am the one that didn't find out = =.

To those who don't know what is FF13 at all, I'm here to just briefly to show what characters we currently know,

Lightning, aka ????

Obera, aka Oerba Dia Vanille

Mr 33 cm, aka Snow, aka Snow Villiers

Lightning, Snow, Obera seems to be the code name in the game, and well, these name might not be correct. And probably will be show on the official web soon. And now, the new character revealed~ and couples of screen shot from Famitsu.

Sazh Katzroy

Afro guy

Baby Chocobo~

The battle look very realistic and more "real time". I hope the battle system wont be too complicated and need to be special and unique at the same time... dont let us down SE~~ haha. Oh well, need to wait 3 more days then.

Since is Chinese New Year Eve, i hope you all have a nice dinner with your family together with grandparent~ Gong Xi Fatt Chai 1st~


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