January 10, 2009

Sony VAIO P Series

Tada~ is here~!! the new VAIO P~ hah, before i already post the teaser here, now finally can get a full view on this Pocket size laptop~

Yeah yeah, its WORLD lightest laptop now~ ok, since its so small, talk about the size first..... erm, let me see... 8" notebook with 1.4 pound~!! means 600 gram only. omg....

Here is the spec: 1.33GH intel processor, Genuine Microsoft® Windows Vista® Home Premium or Home Basic (32-bit), 802.11n WiFi, 3G WWAN, Bluetooth, 2GB RAM, up to 60GB Hard disk or 128GB SSD.

Wow, this is not bad, not bad at all.
This also have some awesome feature... like "motion eye" built-in webcam and wireless. COMPLETE GPS solution, which means you dont even need an internet connection to find the way or map~!!

Up to 4 hours battery, 2 USB port... 2cm thickness, erm, what else need to know? O ya~!! the price~!! TADA~ this notebook only need $899~!! around 3100+ on RM~ wo ho~!!

O ya, this notebook also come in these colors, black, white, red and green. O... i really want to get 1. Maybe lot of people not like this, because there say is too small. Well, is ok for me, since laptop is means to portable for me. haha..

But this notebook really need a wireless mouse... Mom, i dont want Ang Pow for this Chinese New Year.. i want this.... AHAHAHAHA~ dream too muchiiiii lo~



Willicious said...

owwwwww, Rm 3100 for angpaw arrrrr, u really think tooo muchiee liao, haha

metalpanda said...

hahhahah, i didnt get my 21st birthday present ler, christmas present also dont have, so... together with CNY ang pow, i wan this notebook only~!! hahahaahaha~


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