January 27, 2009

PSP Carnival Colors

Its been around 4 years that PSP first released, and PSP-3000 released on last year. And yet, Sony is going to release a line of "Carnival Colors" PSP 3000 on march 09~

Well, it PSP actually look nice on these color. Vibrant Blue, Radiant Red, Bright Yellow, and Spirited Green. I like green~

Good thing is, Sony also will be releasing PSP carnival colors value packs, come with PSP hardware, memory stick PRO duo 4GB, an AC adapter, a battery pack, a strap and matching pouch~ MATCHING POUCH~!! for $270, erm, around RM980.... haha.

The real bad things is... these Carnival Colors PSP only for JAPAN.... because these is still no word if these PSP will ever be sold on other country... you cant find these anywhere beside japan. So, if you gonna buy, you have to go Japan buy lo. Too bad~ Maybe i should wait PSP2 released then i only buy one of these... haha~ from ebay = =


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