January 18, 2009

Ga Rei-Zero

Didn't update my blog lately... because busy with housework and ar, u know, game. hahaha, kart rider, luna online, fallout 3 and anime~ Haha, been watching this anime, Ga Rei-Zero (喰霊-零-). Kinda nice so just to share it out.

First of all, "Ga Rei-Zero" is an prequel anime based on the comic "Ga Rei". Since is a prequel, anyone that not yet see the comic, should watching this anime first.

This anime only consist of 12 episodes, and don't get fool by the Ga Rei-Zero poster, this anime is not talk about that group of people wear like firefighter but is mainly about this 2 girls. Sisters that don't have blood ties or kinship.

"Ga Rei" the comic is about an group of people that can see ghost/spirit/soul, and secretly protect this world.... it sounds like ghost buster..... NO~ is totally different~! Is the story line that keep this anime interesting. The first 2 episodes on "Ga Rei-Zero" will probably shock you.

I cant talk more about this anime, since it only have 12 episode... but briefly, is about how these 2 girls meet and how their relationship build. By look at the quote of this anime "will you kill someone you love, because of love?", and you probably know what this anime is talking about. I like this anime very muchi~ nice~

Ga Rei-Zero Opening

Ga Rei-Zero Trailer


Harmony said...

Ah, nice anime song. Hmm.. issit a lesbian show, reminds me of kannazuki no miko.

=chuan guan= said...

love this anime too...was exciting for da 1st few episode when yomi tapao da rest of the members...hopefully ga rei will be out on the anime version...


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