January 8, 2009

Final Fantasy : Dissidia

Nothing to update lately.... except me have to house cleaning everyday to prepare coming CNY.

Ok, back to topic. Anyone looking forward to play this game?

This is a fighting game that release on psp with all the main character & bosses on all the Final Fantasy series as playable character. This game might be very fun, but too bad i dont have a psp, so... too bad~

Even though i cant play... but i can listen soundtrack from this game de ma~ haha. This post is not introduce you about this game, but just to share the soundtrack only..... haha, ok~ dont hit me~

Final Fantasy Dissidia

These is total 55 soundtrack in this game, but what i posted here is arranged version, 27 songs, other is mostly direct use back the original game soundtrack. Ok, thats all, till next time then~


Willicious said...

Kim Hoe, u know where to download it? already released?

metalpanda said...

ohohho~ i download using bt de, i wan to post to zshare or rapid share also de, but whole album quite big ler, 270+mb ler. haha, so no lo. this game only release in japan, north america not yet. so if u wan to play it now, u can dl the japanese version de lo.


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