March 17, 2009

BioShock 2 Details Confirmed

Hah, because i am too excited about BioShock 2, i always keep an eye this when there is any information on this game.

Just a very small update on what details that is confirmed.

Please do not continue read if you dont wish to know anything about BioShock 2's plot. Get these from G4.

* Players play as the "first ever" Big Daddy.

* You rescue Little Sisters from other Big Daddies and can either harvest or escort them on their ADAM harvesting trips.

* The game is set 10 years after the first BioShock.

* There will be a multiplayer mode, but no details were given.

* BioShock 2's enemies include the Big Sister, a grown-up Little Sister who is hunting you.

* Some levels take place on the sea floor outside of Rapture.

* The Big Sister will periodically pop up after you kill enough Big Daddies. Her arrival is apparently signaled by a Little Sister singing a song.

* The Big Sister is described as fast and "the hardest thing in the game." She'll utilize telekinesis to throw objects at you or use them as shields.

* Your drill overheats and cannot be used constantly.

* You play as a Big Daddy and you'll be able to do that nifty shoulder bash move.

* Upgrade trees are now more diverse.

* The Incinerate plasmid allows you to throw a fireball or shoot a stream of fire, depending on upgrades.

* Plasmids can now be combined. For example, mixing Incinerate and Cyclone Trap will result in a flaming trap.

* Weapons and plasmids can be used at the same time.

* You can now heal damaged turrets and bots.

* Players will explore Fontaine Futuristics which is where the Adam energy is harvested from Little Sisters. Through this, you will learn how the Adam is recovered.

BioShock 2 is set to release on August to October 2009~ for pc. wow, i kinda fast actually. I was thinking it will be release on 2010 tim. xbox and ps3 date is still not yet confirm. I really cant wait for BioShock 2~~


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