March 13, 2009

Fullmetal Alchemist (Season 2)

Oh yes~ this is coming real soon~ the new/remake Fullmetal Alchemist~

I love the first season, which ended on episode 52. And now~ this is going to be remake~ and follow the manga storyline~~ erm, this is what everybody is talking about, since i cant understand japanese, i am not sure whether this IS going to be remake or not. hah. But....yeah yeah, as you know, the comic still not yet finish, so there is no telling how long this anime will be.

Since is a remake, i think from episode 1 to episode 30+ probably will be exactly the same(?). Well, if is what i predict, i think i just have to watch it again~ haha, i love FMA~

Its going to show on 5th of April... in japan. I wonder when it will be available here. Ahh~ i cant wait~



faizul heder said...

hohoh.. dont worry, some die-hard-fan for this anime will rip and upload it right away after the show :D said...

Look very interesting =)

Shinky said...

Yeah can't wait for it to come out~!


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