March 31, 2009

Part Time Job

I having a unusual part time job last week and this week, both Saturday and Sunday only. What job i working? Well, a cashier. simple enough? Cashier is such a ordinary job, collect money, give receipt, that's all. What so unusual?

I work as a cashier in cemetery. yes, cemetery aka graveyard.

My parent and my friend keep asking me these question and I have to clarify this, 1st, i work as a cashier, i collect money, not to cut grass or cleaning the grave. 2nd, i am not collect "paper money" or any kind of "currency" that use on the grave....

I collect real money from real people that coming to the cemetery for cleaning up their grandparent/ancestor's grave.

Hokkien cemetery, the place i work, is currently having a renovation and beautifying on the cemetery. And therefore, they need a sum of investment on it, so they collect donation, and that's my job.

My working hours is from 5/6am to 3pm. So can you imagine going to graveyard on 5am? A car going into the graveyard with no street light, no people, small little narrow road with full of grave beside? oo... cold. *ps, i do respect these place, i just express how i feel only.

So, if you happen going to be Hokkien cemetery this Saturday and Sunday for cleaning your ancestor/grandparent's grave, please do donate. They need the money to beautify the cemetery. Well, lets just hope the people that pass away can rest in peace.

*ps, i not sure whether is very rude that to take photo on the graveyard, at least no body taking photo on grave b4... because there is a time when i got nothing to do at all, so.....

1 comment:

Shinky said...

I also ponder wanna take photo or not while I was cleaning my GrandFather's grave. Then I think better concentrate on my job and finish it quickly before the sun shoot its ray. :P


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