March 6, 2009

Dell Amado Site Launched

Ouch~ i am so outdated~!! This site launched last month and i don't even notice~

This "teaser" site launched on 11 February, just few day before Valentine day. This teaser site.... still doesn't contain any info or spec about this Dell Amado.

But what you can do with this site now is..... enter your name and email to subscribe~ and a teaser video about Amado.... teaser again = ='

According to CIO

Adamo won't be just a laptop, but a whole new brand name of luxury products, said Michael Tatelman, vice president of global consumer sales and marketing at Dell at CES. The word Adamo means to fall in love with, Tatelman said at the time.

Click Teaser Site to subscribe and be the first one to know~ or just stay tune here~ i will update as soon as its release some info~ lol

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