March 11, 2009

BioShock 2 Revealed

Update: there is a lot of rumors out there which is not true about BioShock 2, but these 2 web released some confirm info about BioShock. *Spoiler Warning*

Let have some history on BioShock.

BioShock, the award-winning game that give a new face to First-Person Shooter game with amazing atmosphere and visual design.

I finished this game and it was great, lots of character customization, and also able to use "plasmids"(some kind of magic power). And what make this game so unique, its these 2 enemy,

Big Daddy and Little Sister

Big Daddy is actually protecting little sister, and you need to either save the little sister, or kill/absorb power from her. Well, you have to defeat big daddy first and its real hard to do that.

Enough of BioShock 1, and here come the magazine scan on the BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams.

Ta da da da~

A ler a ler~? I bet Big Daddy taken a slimming course = ='. Okok, I am just guessing here, maybe is a whole new enemy and its NOT big daddy anymore. But this time what I am sure is, no more little sisters but "Big Sisters". Wow, i wonder Sisters have some power/plasmid this time.

That all for now, i post more screen asap once its release. The scan above is GamerInformer APRIL issue magazine cover. So, wait till next month~

In case you dont know what is Bioshock at all, see this trailer.

Cant wait for BioShock 2 ah~~

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