March 12, 2009

Dell Latitude E6400 XFR Rugged Laptop

Do you bring along your laptop while you travel? Do you want to msn with you friend while swimming in the ocean(lol)? Skype when you rock climbing(if u can)? Update your blog when you at the front line in the middle of war? lol, then you should take this with you~

The Dell Latitude E6400 XFR

This is NOT the laptop's casing, this is THE laptop. Look tough huh. Here is the thing, this is the latest rugged laptop from dell. Which equipped with a "Ballistic Armor Protection System" featuring PR481(?) that has double the impact strength compare to magnesium alloy.

In other word, it resistant high drop from up to 4ft when power on and screen open, protect against vibration, temperature too. It also protect dust and moisture with the Primoseal Technology. Here is the spec, 2.2 inches depth, and weight 8.5 pound(3.8+kg). Intel Core 2 Duo P9600 (2.66GHz),14.1" WXGA, up to 8GB DDR2 Memory, 128GB SSD, NVIDIA Quadro NVS 160M 256MB DDR2.

It even stand against the water pressure~ want to have this laptop? $4,299 please, thank you.

I wonder when Dell release a rugged laptop with bullet proof screen and cover. Well, you never know, maybe it can save you one day~

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