May 28, 2009

Black Market On Restaurant City

OMG~ There is a black market on the restaurant city on facebook~!!!

I can buy an apple for my employee that only cost 110 money. Due to i need to buy more apple to store, i decided to buy from the shop in front of my restaurant lo...

And... CISSS, is a black market~~ the merchant offer me 6000 money~ for AN APPLE!! CRAZY~!!

6000 money i can buy a DRAGON VASE ler, got 1000 left tim~

Beware of this black market.....

lolx.... i am too bored and try to make up a story n simply update my blog to make sure its still alive...


YULI said...

i think you dont have to buy apple to replenish you employee. the ingredients sold in the stall are for the menu. :D

metalpanda said...

@yuli, hahhaha, i know, i m juz kidding, i making the story up actually... hah

TOLANIC said...

Hey, I play this game too. Come add me lah. =)

Lion said...

ahahahhah i oso got play, d market really a big black market, chop your money like nobody's business xD

wana exchange link? your blog seems interesting :)

Jolin Koh said...

i cant even update my menu....
because of the price of the ingredients are too.....super expensive....there is a funny things is after one day when u go ur restaurant ur staff all die on the floor d...haha...
Panda....i hv employed u to be my chef and williem also o...

Anonymous said...

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