May 20, 2009

Transformer USB Drive

Ah~~ nothing specially nothing happen lately, so long no blog already. Hah. Just to share what i found on internet today.

Tada~ Is a Transformer USB Drive~~

Wow, is kinda "shiok" ler~ This 2GB USB drive can transform into Ravage, a fierce jungle cat(or dog?) Decepticon. Look great.... about the price ma.... cost $42.99~!!! $ o.O

This will be on sale on September, but you can pre order on bigbadtoystore.

Transformer's fans, would you buy it?


nesca said...

waah so cool! pricy too...... maybe the thing wont last long if kiddies got their hands on it lols

BooNMiNG said...

whoa... 2GB for 43 bucks?!! hahaha... not big fans of transformer though.. hehe

metalpanda said...

@nesca, lol, true, if my niece get this on hand... i am sure after 1 min it will spoiled = =, haha

@boonming, yalo yalo,veryyyyyyyyy expensive o, i m not a big fans too. lol

theeggyolks said...


Shinky said...

Wow!~ This is cool! If I strike lottery, I don't mind getting a few for collections.. :P

But yes, transformer season is coming. ^.^

Anonymous said...

wow nice!
very creative! haha.. =D

metalpanda said...

@theeggyolks, yeah~ so cool~~

@Shinky, lol, means if u didnt strike lottery u wont get 1 lo? hahah, yessss transformers 2~~

@kenwooi, yalo, but i believe there is more even creative transformer product beside this.

Caffery said...

Wow, awesome, I want, if it is cheaper and available in Malaysia.


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