May 1, 2009

Swine Flu/ Influenza A (H1N1)

Omg.... until yesterday i only realize this DEADLY and currently NO CURE virus flu that spreading around worldwide. Is call the swine flu, the flu/virus from pig family.

Before i start explaining what Swine Flu is, or how to prevent it, let me explain how SERIOUS its now. SWINE FLU IS PHASE 5 NOW. Sickness, flu and virus is been categorized into 6 levels of warning system, from level 1, the not so serious, to the max, level 6 - pandemic.

Let me remind you, SARS that last for 8 month is only PHASE 3. The report say it swine flu could be as serious as the "Spanish Flu", which occur during 1918/1919 that kill 50~100 MILLION people worldwide.

Swine Flu currently still don't have a direct cure/confirm vaccine to it. I believe they are using the medicine for SARS to treat the infected client.

Actually all these information is from my brother. So what should you do now? i mean what we CAN do is... prevent and prepare for the WORST. Probably lot of people will think is the flu will not spread here because mexico is very far from here.... WRONG. The Flu is in Asia NOW.

Metro Park Hotel in Hong Kong has been quarantined.

Try to avoid crowded places, because swine flu is spread like normal flu human to human- sneeze, conversation.

It can be veryyyyy serious if is reach phase 6, so prepare yourself, go buy mask NOW, because i went to buy mask yesterday and most of them is out of stock... and raised in price too. Buy some food supply and medical supply to store at home.

Haha, we brought this. Very kiasu right? NO, is kia si/ "die"~!! hahahaha~Well, there is still lot more to talk about this flu, but i am too lazy, n i bet u not so interested in this also. haha, so if you want to know more about this Swine Flu or Influenza A (H1N1), please to check wikipedia.

Btw, i believe this is kinda useful on these attack of Swine Flu/ Influenza A.

Dettol Disinfectant Spray

i hope that swine flu is not that 0.1% that cant be kill... LOLX

Always prepare for the worst, go n buy some mask before its run out~! And dont lepak here n there~ take care everyone.


Picture and info from here n there, The Sun newspaper, n my bro = =


Willicious said...

that kanasai dettol spray... if they are really that powerful then mexico won't be infected that badly, coz they just need to spray that large amount of it into that country... hahahaha

Now this no cure flue occured... from 99.9% goes to..................... jeng jeng jeng jeng... 50%!!!!!!!
or maybe 40% coz it can;t kill swine bacteria!!

metalpanda said...

hahahah = =, send a email to dettol, ask them pay us back money, coz cannot kill swine virus also. hahaha

Willicious said...

u complain la, tell them they are making breach of customer act!
Compensate money from them.. give them time to correct their thingy.. or elseeee hahahahhaah! *evil

previous typo *flue = flu

Shu Fen said...

lol! really v kiasu leh!

but i see you buy mask, i also scare -.- feel like buying...

i'm sick with flu now -.- not swine fly ba? :/

metalpanda said...

haha, probably not swine flu ba.... gua. lol, dont worry, since its not spread till malaysia. take care =]


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