May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I LOVE YOU MOM~!!!! Happy mothers day~

I never really say that out to my mom before, well... maybe yes when i was still a little child. I believe my last "i love u" or "我爱你" (in cantonese) was 10 years ago. Everytime only say happy mothers day.

But i doesn't mean our relationship is not good, is our family "tradition". We didn't celebrate anything except birthday, and our celebration means, a cake added after dinner. My parent never say happy birthday to us(my bro n sis) before, and you know, no birthday present too.

Oh well, we dont really feel sad or upset, maybe is because we already know its doesn't need a birthday present to show how much my dad n mom loves us. Since today is mothers day and tomorrow is my dad birthday, we probably will be eating out tonight. I usually only will give my mom a cheek kissing, but this time, i gonna add this too.

"mom, i love you, happy mothers day"

btw, is my 100th post. means i love u 100% mom~ lol, so lame.


Anonymous said...

Happy Mum's Day! =D

+#ARME$T+ said...

wish u happy mum days


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