May 12, 2009

Taman Pertanian Trip

Aha~ Went to Taman Pertanian/农业公园 with friends few days ago~ They said want to go there relax a bit since they finish pass up their final year project, dissertation. So they call me go also, but is kinda unusual place to relax... haha.

This is the 2nd time i go pertanian, 1st time was there to jungle tracking during secondary school. Oh well, this time is mainly to ride bicycle~

wan lee's bicycle(camera men), kah wai, hui ling, darf, leron, inez, me, joo hieng, wee meng, samantha, e jia and jensen(not yet arrive) = = a total of 12 people~

We arrive at 9.30+am and already full of people there, is not a sunny day, but definitely a hot weather that day. IS HOT THESE FEW WEEK~!! ROAR~

i m that orange fat guy

ok, back to topic, well, what else to say? We rent a bicycle and start riding~ rm3 for old bicycle and rm5 for new bicycle and for every hour cost rm1. Beware, go early and choose a nice bicycle... because we went in late and the bicycle that left was.... very old.

My bicycle's break is very loose and the gear is spoiled.... and most important is~~~~ the cushion~!! I didnt feel any cushion on the seat and no absorber~!! I feel like sitting on the steel bar~ now all of us de butt already "open flower" lo....

The 4 season house(i donno the name) is very nice, because is very colddddd inside, 7°C+ only~ just nice to dry out your cloth and cold down after riding bicycle under the hot sun~ XD


Group picture again


Dont ride so fast, accident do happen

Lost - Season 5

rest station

Frozen 100+

It was a very nice trip, sweat a lot, chat, and... my done my whole month of workout amount~! This month no need do exercise already. haha. Argh, next time go, I sure will bring a small cushion~!!!


Willicious said...

ooooo..... go ride bicycle once then one month no need do workout worrrrrr......... hahaahh

Shinky said...

Wow this is beautiful.. ^.^ Where is it actually arh?


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