November 11, 2009

2012 Premier Screening

Woho~~ yesterday i went to 2012 movie premier screening~ yeahh~~~

Now Showing~~~

Woho~~ but i cant make a movie review yet... because... i didnt watch the movie yet~!! XD


So i am in charge of phone deposit, yes, your phone. No phone and camera are allow in cinema, bcoz is premier screening ma~ so EVERYONE will have their phone deposit in the counter, and thats my job. You cant run away 1, because we have scanner~ la la la

Boxes of phones.

So thats all, next time you go for premier screening, better don't bring any phone or camera to prevent lost phone or mix with other people phone.

I will watch 2012 this week or next week~!!!


kenwooi said...

cant wait to watch it too! =D

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to 2012 too,I want to watch,but there is no Cinema in my city..

Kathyhhgx said...

cant wait to watch it too! =D


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