November 25, 2009

Ninja Assassin

Watched this Ninja Assassin last night, starring by Rain~ u know, not wind or storm, IS RAIN~ lol

Thanks to Jensen, i get the free ticket to watch ninja assassin premiere from nuffnang~ lol, and is my 1st time to attend nuffnang movie screening/event.

So here goes my super short review. The story is simple, he betray his own organization due to "some reason", the organization will kill betrayer and he fight back. Straight forward, nothing complicated 1 and half hour movie.

The first half part of the movie story draggggg too loooong, moving in slow peace. I really feel bored the first half and hour but its get better on the back.

There are quite a lot of action scene going on also, CG done not too bad with all those blood and shuriken flying, but its look a bit fake actually. I like the sound effect in Ninja Assassin that done perfectly, definitely add some point to the movie.

Well, same like some of the action movie, the fighting scene usually cant see clearly because the cam is shaking up and down to create more realistic view, but dont move too much la, is a movie after all. Ninja fight in shadow you know.... so some of the scene is like.... a blink of a sword in pinch dark and somebody dead. .......

Actually i expect something from ninja 1... NINJA ler, instead of just disappearing in dark la. You know, sprint on top of water, or duplicate skill (分身术..donno the english term lol) but there are none of this on the movie.

So overall i give Ninja Assassin, and half mark 2.5/5. Not too bad but is not that good either.


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