November 21, 2009

Collect Your Consignment

Jensen call me early morning today, said that he receives the parcel from City-Link... But then i was working that time, so i was hoping that they will deliver the parcel after i get back home.

Once i get back home, i saw this hanging on the gate there.

Please call or drop by office to collect your consignment.... ok.... so where i need to go now?

ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cant even see a SINGLE WORD~!! Please inside into mail box la instead hanging on the gate there, will rain 1 ma~ ROARRRR

So after that i try send a enquiry email to City Link and see where is my parcel lo... after i type all my info and message and click send... it show this page

File Not Found... (?????????) what file? why find?? i sending an email la~ ROARRRR


theeggyolks said...

poor service eh~ I wonder why Malaysia's courier service so poor -_-"

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