November 6, 2009

Phobia 2

My blog is dying.... NOOOO~ haha, ok, back to topic. Is time for my "Super Short Review" again~ and the movie i just watched... tada~ Phobia 2~

First of all, i am force(kidding~!) to watch this. haha, i never like horror movie at first. Ok la, i didnt say no also when my friend decided what movie to watch. I watched this anyway now. Phobia 2 is a mix of 5 short story that directed by different director.

So all 5 story have slightly different fliming skill and style, but with 1 common... disgusting la~ you know la, Thai horror movie like to FOCUS on those "dying effect"... like those final destination lo. geli.... haha

nothing much to talk about the movie, but one thing that need to mention is the ending... is surprisingly... new... and FUNNY. yes, funny...

So overall rating.... i give... 3 out of 5~ hey, what do you expect on a horror movie? and i dont even know how to rate on horror movie. If is rate based on disgusting and disturbing, i will give 5 out of 5. haha.

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