November 28, 2009

Summer Wars

Summer Wars/ サマーウォーズ/ 夏日大作战

Just finish watch Summer Wars today~ directed by 细田守. ok, probably most of the people donno or never heard about this anime movie before. Let me give you a brief introduction on the anime and the director~

"细田守 3 years ago directed an animation call "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time/穿越時空的少女" produce by warner brother. It is become so famous and popular in Japan and needs to be extend the showing period in theater again and again. Created 300 millions YEN/3 million USD box office in total. And now after 3 years, he created another epic animation "Summer Wars" "

Ok, back the Summer Wars review. This animation is good, just great in every way. The story is about a virtul reality world "Oz", that allow everyone to buy, watch, see, work, invest... and about everything that reality world can do by access your account via phone, game console and tv.

The main character Kenji "accidentally" hacked the Oz world and make the world upside down and giving a deadly threat to the real world.

So Summer Wars is a science fiction and futuristic animation la. Feel fantasy and yet its related so closed to our world now, maybe one day our world will same as Oz.

I believe most of the people will think Summer Wars very childish, but what i can tell Summer "Wars" is not a "blood hatred" film, i kill u u kill me, NO. And not just a "save the world" movie, but a very soft, not too over family warmth film.

I highly recommend this animation to all those people that don't usually watch anime/animation, because its definitely change your view toward "CARTOON".

I give a 4 outta 5~ go watch go watch

Here is the trailer, in japanese.....

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