November 18, 2009


FINALLY~~ YEAH~ i watched it last night~!! Wo ho~


Watched 2012 with sis and my bro in law, movie till 2.30am~ other show time is fully booked so only left the midnight show... so late and sleepy but worth it~!!

Here goes my SUPER short review~ i wont talk much on the story plot, because this kind of good movie must not be spoiled~!! wuahaha~ my vocabulary is kinda poor so i cant find any bombastic word to describe this movie.

But BREATH TAKING, STUNNING, and SUPERB will be enough.

Well, i bet you already saw those scene on trailer, but i can tell you that watch it in cinema is definitely brand new DIFFERENT feels.

The story line is simple, tells from a view of a group of people how they escape the world destruction and how the government react. And feel the nature WRATH~!!

Overall is a very great movie, stunning CG and sound effects that really drag you into the movie. Most important, how often will you see everyone claps their hand during the movie?

Well, with no doubt i give the movie 2012 a full mark, 5 outta 5~ IS a must to watch this movie in theater~!! Go watch now if u haven't~

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