December 24, 2008


Haha, 1st of all, happy Christmas eve~ do you guys go celebrate or party tonight? Hope you all have a fantastic night to welcome Christmas day~ with presents in your socks~

Went to Midvalley today and Christmas feel all the way. Lots of people, Christmas tree, music, decoration. Oh well, every years seems to be the same, people tends to celebrate in shopping complex. So I watch Bolt today in Midvalley~ and write a short review here.


Bolt is the latest Walt Disney animation. You have a choice of watching this animation normal screen or go for 3-D screen. I go for the normal screen today because 3-D screen need to pay more... haha~ u know la, i am very poor 1.

Ok, back to review. 1 word, funny/hilarious/entertainment........... ok, 3 words. Its kinda long time that i dont have a good laugher at cinema, except this 1. The story line was ok, normal, simple, nothing complicated. Well, what can you expect from a Walt Disney movie? This is about the dog, Bolt, finding its way back to his owner, peeny and come along with his 2 friend, Mittens and Rhino....the hamster. Every character have their own great and unique personality, which make this movie so good.

Like lots of movie, this come with a happy ending, and is kinda touching too. There is also pack with some actions in this movie, not like boring fairy tales or kiddy movie and give this movie an extra kicks beside the funny parts.

especially this 1, Rhino (heeeyah~)

Just to conclude, this movie definately worth your money and 90 minutes to watch and have a laugh at the cinema, and i think the 3-D screen will be even better.

And yes, this movie also get a 5 out of 5~ from me~ aha


Harmony said...

i heard its really nice.

metalpanda said...

yup~ love the movie~


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