December 22, 2008

Winter solstice (冬至)

Another small update~ Wow... now i only know 冬至 is winter solstice.

Aha, 1st of all, sorry for posting this late, winter solstice was 2 days ago. Well, i dont actually know what is 冬至, just a day that need to pray and eat tang yuan. So kinda busy on that day.

I cook quite many tang yuan, the picture above only show 1/3 of the all the tang yuan. Haha, reason is i LOVE to eat it a lot, and love the ginger + pandan syrup too. And because i cook it TOO MUCH, it become my breakfast for the next day. hah.

By the way, Congratulation to shee ying~ for giving birth your baby boy~ 皓恺, say hello to the world~~

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