December 26, 2008

VAIO New Mobile & Dell Amado

UPDATE 18 March 2009: Dell Amado Unveiled

Updated January 10
Updated January 13 : DELL AMADO REVEALED

Recently Sony posted a teaser on New Zealand site about announcing the New VAIO on 9 January 09.

The 1st picture stated this, "you will change the way you look at laptops". hmm... by looking at the 2nd picture, its look more like a netbook or PDA to me. Its look like ultra thin and light weight, and i wonder why its a rectangle shape? How is the screen look like and where is the keyboard? Oh well, maybe is like mobile phone nowadays, touch screen like iPhone or a tablet.

Sony has taken down the teaser webpage for dont know what reason. But if you can read japanese and you have an Sony Shop ID, you can click here to subscribe and get email newsletter.

There is no other info about this New VAIO.... until 9th January.

Well, this is about Sony, and now, another news on Dell.

adamo~ by Dell. There is so less info about this, but lots of rumors flying around... That this coming laptop, may be both lighter and thinner than the MacBook Air~ and Dell plans to market as the "world's thinnest laptop". Wo ho~

Thinner than this~!!?? Is amado a paper?? hah, ok, so we have to wait till Febuary 09 to know more about this, and thats all for now, nothing more.

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