December 15, 2008

Resident Evil Degeneration

My first movie review~ and yes~ is a game-based CGI movie~

Resident Evil: Degeneration

I watch this movie few day ago, but i have been busy with PC fair at KLCC since Friday, so argh.. kinda tired and no time to write this movie review~ hah.

Back to review, first, for those who never heard of resident evil, this is a movie all about infected zombies. Zombies bite human become zombie, and at the end, lots of zombies. This movie take place 7 years after the Raccoon City incident, which Resident Evil 4 is only 6 years. And for this movie, the main character from Resident Evil 2 team up again.

Leon Scott Kennedy (RE 2, RE 4)

Claire Redfield (RE 2, RE Code:Veronica)

The story is simple but yet engaging. Some crashing, exploding and breathtaking scenes. The CG is high quality and real, good voice acting and background music too. Everything is just great except the movie is kinda short. 1 and half hours just cant get enough.

I dont know what to say more about this movie, but just fantastic and great~ A MUST see movie for those who play resident evil before(if u like the game too). Compare to the Resident Evil (real person) movie(RE, RE: extinction, RE: apocalypse), this CGI movie is definitely lots moreeeee better. Its not the real movie not nice, but just cant get what i expected... and kinda boring too.

Movie trailer

So~ this movie get a 5 out of 5~ from me~ hah. A MUST SEE MOVIE~!


Willicious said...

This one is a new movie o?
hahaa? My friend is watching it in class, I thought it is a old movie... but.... hahaaahahahha!

metalpanda said...

ya.... erm, not so new liao this movie, already few month lo. i juz download n watch recently.. haha~

+#ARME$T+ said...

Haha , this movie is the best RE series i have been seen so far ! but 1 more things that is i hope they remake all those early version game or movie that had made to become high quality


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