December 3, 2008

Nicolestyle Mismo Cigarette

Smoking is a bad habit.... and yet, everyone smoke.

I don't think smoking bring any advantages to us. Well.... except to those who are smoking say that it give "energy" and release stress. And some teenagers(maybe) say it feel very "yeng" or got "gaya" when smoking.

Beside these i cant think of any benefit to us.... what i can think of is those disadvantages, like...

Bad breath and yellow teeth

Lung cancer

Waste money and non-stoppable smoking

Picture souce

So ok, enough telling what you all already known. Here is the thing that you should try, if you are smoking.

Tada~ the "Nicolestyle Mismo Cigarette". A cigarette that wont bring you lung cancer~

This product is another technology from japan. Well, not really counted as cigarette, this product let you have the feeling of smoking but actually suck in vapor/steam. It doesn't create any nicotine so it wont cause you any sickness, disease or let you additives to "smoking". And yet, it priovide you some vitamin and minerals tim~ so healthy.

This can be divided into 5 part, the LED in front, the battery, the flavor pack (yes, got mint & grapefruit), the vapor converter, and the (smoking)butt. This product feel so real you know, the technology change the air's moisture into vapor, then got smoke, got taste, got emit light somemore~ u know, uhuh uhuh. omg, learn too much from williem.

You need to charge the battery to smoke, and what you have to refile is the flavor pack, each pack allow you to smoke 300 "mouth"/times. The flavor pack cost around RM40.... well, is healthy~ and the whole package sell around RM500..... ahaha, erm... maybe it wont help much on quitting on smoking real cigarette, but it worth trying~ haha

1 more things, smoker, quit smoking please, for yourself and everyone you love. Fact: each cigarette smoked shortens lifespan by 11 minutes.



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