December 21, 2008

Ragranok Online 2

Just a small update on what I m doing recently. Hah, been playing Ragnarok Online for past 1 month. Ask few buddy and play RO with me. Since its a private server, leveling is super fast and item is kinda easy to obtain.

Monster Disguised

So the whole month playing ro... play play play... and bored already. Haha, well, this is the 5th(or more) times i play RO since its 1st release on the original version.

So i uninstalled. hah~ sorry jensen~ And since i have no longer can play RO.... so i.... install RO2~! ahahah~

The RO2 i install is not an official RO S.E.A, but its from Korea and is a private server. I just installed today and is kinda confuse with the new system on RO2. So... back to RO2~

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