December 23, 2008

Undiscovered land

Previously i talk about the new google earth 4.3, and now, another news related to this. Google earth is a great product, lots of people using it. And who will know that it lead to a new discoveries~~

Mountain Mabu

This is not joke, some scientists browsing Google earth for a new project and come across this undiscovered green land. According to Gizmodo...
Julian Bayliss was looking around Google Earth for a new conservation project when he came across patches of green in Mozambique that appeared to be previously unexplored. Sure enough, those green patches were '7,000 hectares of forest, rich in biodiversity' that had been left untouched by scientists thanks to minor blips like miserable terrain and constant civil war. An expedition launched in the fall to Mount Mabu discovered three new species of butterflies, a new Gaboon viper than can kill a human in a single bite, along with all kinds of other wildlife, like 200 types of butterflies and tropical plants, all in a matter of weeks.

Wow, this is kinda impressed. I thought technologies nowadays know all the things around us already, well, beside the mysteries deeeeeeep ocean and outer space. Quite hard to believe there is still land that man not set foot on it.

Lets hope scientists can discover more new species and land....using Google earth. hah. I hoping to see fairy and elf you know? hah .


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