April 1, 2009


Watched this movie on Monday night.

Knowing. Williem sudden call me at 8 something whether i want to watch movie or not since he came kl. So i was like... ar... ok, and the movie start at 9.20~ Before we decided to watch "taken", but we late already so we watch this movie, together with ching, charlie and a friend of them. (sorry, i forget your name~)

Back to the movie, Knowing is a Sci-Fi/Mystery movie, just the movie genre i love~

Just a super short review here, i personally think this is a great movie, worth watching it on cinema. Pack with realistic CG animation, stunning crash and explosion scene. (I am sure its lot better than D.B) The story goes a bit slow pace at the beginning but its getting excite after 15~20 minute and till the end.

About the ending... it wasn't that good. Well... i didn't expect the ending will be like this, but ar.... because of the story plot goes on, maybe IT IS the only ending for this movie.

This movie is like a tv drama i saw last time on tv. I cant remember the name, but its talking about the guy, always having a tomorrow's newspaper today. And he keep saving or preventing something bad happen, o ya, together with the cat.

Well, this movie is similar with that but its having number instead of newspaper, and Knowing is lot better.

Overall Knowing is a great movie. I will give it a 4 out of 5~

*ps, during i watch this movie on tgv sunway, the volumn is open wayyyyy toooooo loud~!! even the sound of advertisement before the movie is hurting our ears~

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BernardC said...

The name of the TV show is EARLY EDITION


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